Polarized Sunglasses Lenses

Standard sunglasses are great for reducing overall brightness, but they don’t do much for glare — those annoying, vision-blocking bursts of light. Polarized sunglasses stop glare from reaching your eyes.

How Do Polarized Lenses Work?

They feature a special coating that makes them block horizontally polarized light. They shield your eyes from annoying glares while letting non-polarized light through. This provides better visual acuity compared to standard tinted sunglasses.

Where are Polarized Sunglasses Most Useful?

They can make your life easier in many different situations. 

Fishing & Water Sports

Polarized sports sunglasses protect your eyes around water by blocking glare reflected off the water surface. Wrap around sunglasses offer even more protection.


Polarized lenses block glare from smooth road surfaces during driving. Make sure you can read your dashboard displays through the lenses!

Hiking & Snow

These lenses are useful for hiking trips that will take you to exposed places like mountaintops, especially in snowy conditions.