About Us

"LENZO was founded with a clear mission: to inspire and impact the world through vision, purpose, and style. We continually challenge ourselves to do more and make a meaningful impact by reimagining the possibilities for both our company and our industry. Our goal is to show that a business can grow, be profitable, and make a positive difference in the world without imposing a premium for it. Achieving this demands creativity, empathy, and innovation. As a leading provider of eyewear, our primary focus has always been you, our valued customer. We've dedicated ourselves to enhancing the way people perceive the world. At LENZO, we are committed to crafting the most aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and durable eyewear designs worldwide.

LENZO holds one of the position of the leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor of eyewear. We specialize in ophthalmic lens production, manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale optical laboratory operations. With you in mind, we collaborate closely with eye care professionals to deliver innovative products tailored to your lifestyle. Our commitment to providing the industry's most advanced lenses reflects our dedication to meeting consumer demand for quality eyewear that is not only comfortable and attractive but also durable."

What Sets Us Apart

LENZO boasts a rich heritage spanning two generations of opticianry and an unwavering commitment to exceptional craftsmanship. Our journey began with brick-and-mortar boutiques, deeply ingrained in serving our local community. In 2010, we introduced the LENZO eyewear brand, leveraging our mastery of styling and frame fit. This wealth of knowledge and experience has seamlessly transitioned into the digital realm, extending our personalized in-person experience to the online world.

Across these two generations, we've established a reputation for curating the most exquisite collection of luxury and independent eyewear. Our team of opticians and eyewear stylists receives unique training, enabling us to offer the finest eyeglasses and sunglasses. We couple this with cutting-edge prescription lens technology and lab equipment to ensure our customers receive an unparalleled experience, leaving them with the best eyeglasses or sunglasses they've ever owned. It's this dedication that has attracted a notable celebrity clientele, including actors, politicians, and athletes.

In the realm of lenses, we exclusively collaborate with top-tier manufacturers to guarantee the highest optical quality. Our digital lens designs deliver HD-quality vision, and our anti-reflective coating is super hydrophobic, anti-static, and equipped with numerous premium features, ensuring long-lasting quality.

However, our commitment to quality doesn't stop with the lenses. We handle the finishing touches, cutting and mounting the lenses into your frames within our own on-site lab. Unlike many other sources that rely on mass production and insurance labs for lens finishing, our lenses undergo precision processing and edging using state-of-the-art equipment, supervised by highly skilled lab masters. This level of individual attention and care ensures that your frame and lenses receive the quality they deserve.

Game-Changing Innovation

From the very start, our aim has been to redefine your satisfaction, and we achieve this through our team of experts, including seasoned opticians and professional executives. They meticulously assess the optical value of all our products, ensuring your trust in us is well-placed. To provide you with the utmost service, we subject all products to rigorous scans multiple times before delivery, demonstrating our unwavering commitment. In return, we anticipate nothing but an abundance of love and trust from you. Furthermore, we are dedicated to maintaining our delivery schedule without any delays, transforming all your shopping experiences into delightful journeys with us.

Better technology. Better glasses.

"Experience superior technology and exceptional glasses with LENZO. We are committed to being the ultimate eyewear destination, constantly seeking the latest optical advancements, from cutting-edge lens technologies to groundbreaking designs. The dynamic evolution of our products fuels our passion and motivates us to discover your ideal eyewear. Our optical experts, fueled by a dedication to quality and technology, have created an innovative, game-changing personal style quiz that will effortlessly match you with the perfect pair as if by magic."

Here's a concise summary of your provided values:

1. Diversity is highly valued within our global family.

2. We consistently prioritize doing what's right, with precision, speed, and enthusiasm.

3. Our dedication ensures we won't stop until the job is done right for those who wear our lenses, the eye doctors who prescribe them, and our team.

4. We maintain an inventive spirit, always striving for improvement in our lenses and relationships.

5. Building strong partnerships is at the heart of any successful business, and we do so with honesty, quality, trust, and respect.

"Our Vision: As a rising global leader in eyewear, LENZO envisions making high-quality and affordable eyewear accessible to an ever-expanding global audience. Through this commitment, LENZO aims to empower individuals to unlock their full potential in life. In the realm of eye care, we are deeply committed to caring more."